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Please share the word.

Please share the word.

We kindly request all visitors to spread the word regarding this page.

Please copy the below pictures and use it as your social media profile picture where you can. If you are lost for word, you may use the following: Angie, was only 16 when she took her own life. Volunteers are doing all they can to prevent teenage suicide. Please share this information.

Square image, ideal for WhatsApp and other profile pictures (DOWNLOAD).

Rectangular picture – ideal for banners (DOWNLOAD).

Thank you for your support!

In loving memory of 16 year old Angie Diedericks who sadly took her own life on 1 April 2023. Angie was kind, smart, caring, gifted and talented and above all was very loved and she loved. The reality of suicide is that it can happen to anyone and any family.  We are very grateful to the many of you that support our important work. Please keep sharing and caring.
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