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Feedback on our 31 July ’23 and 1 August ’23 tour with Nadine Blom

Feedback on our 31 July ’23 and 1 August ’23 tour with Nadine Blom

Gert Diedericks and Nadine Blom paid visit to six schools on 31 July ’23 and 1 August 23. This was part of an awareness program about teenage suicide and in memory of Angie Diedericks. They could not take photos at all the schools due to the POPI Act. However, the parents of learners at Schweizer Hoërskool en Vryburg Hoërskool gave permission beforehand, and some of those photos you will find below.

Nadine Brown Blom presented the program and several topics was discussed with the learners. Feedback afterwards from parents, teachers and learners were positive, with a large number of children reaching out for help.  Learners were also informed about resources where they may find information and help. These include:

We wish to thank all our sponsors and donors for making this program possible. Many thanks also to Ingrid , our councillor (she renders this service for free to a limited, but very generous, number of children), Passionate about Websites for sponsoring and managing our website, and Nadine Brown Blom for presenting our program. Thank you Schweizer Hoërskool for our meals.

Thank you to our schools allowing us to present to you, and for being so well organised on the day:

  • Gekombineerde skool Christiana
  • Vaalharts Jan Kemp
  • Hartwater Hoërskool
  • Bloemhof
  • Schweizer Hoërskool
  • Vryburg Hoërskool

We reached 2225 learners over two days and during this tour we realised how many children are in crisis and in need of help. This was a real eye-opener to us.

Once again, thank you for all your contributions.

A small snippet from one of Nadine’s presentations:

Some photos:

In loving memory of 16 year old Angie Diedericks who sadly took her own life on 1 April 2023. Angie was kind, smart, caring, gifted and talented and above all was very loved and she loved. The reality of suicide is that it can happen to anyone and any family.  We are very grateful to the many of you that support our important work. Please keep sharing and caring.

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